Toast remarks by ANC President Zuma IEC Gala Dinner Pretoria

21 MAY 2011 

 Fellow South Africans, 

On behalf of the African National Congress, we wish to thank the South African people for the resounding support we have received in the 2011 local government elections. 


It is a humbling experience for such confidence to be bestowed upon the ANC once again by the people of our country.   

We have been given another opportunity to speed up the improvement of service delivery in municipalities across the country, given our role in the three spheres of government. 


As we said during the election campaign, we have achieved a lot but there is still much more to be done.  

There are roads to be tarred, water, sanitation and electricity to be provided to name just a few.  

We will get down to work immediately to improve on what we have been doing already, and to increase the pace of delivery. 


We stand ready to work with all parties to fulfil the goal of building better communities and a more prosperous society.


In just a few months, the ANC will mark its centenary. This will be a colossal celebration not only for the organisation but for the country and its people.


We look forward to celebrating this occasion with the masses of our country, given the central role that is played by the ANC in the life of the country. 


Ladies and gentlemen,  


May I request you to rise and join me for a toast to a more united, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa! 



 I thank you.

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