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Empowering Others


My partner and I have recently establised our own training company. We believe our accreditation will come through soon. We will be empowering others to use our programmes under our accreditation. This will save you lots of work and save the quality assurer lots of work who will only need to quality assure our enterprise and activities, instead of lots of one-man shows out there who are not sure what they are doing! We have what we believe is a solid business model. Our background is in instructional design, assessment design and learner management systems.

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2 thoughts on “Solution

  • David Loubser Post author

    Ashwell, you wanted to know more. Its quite simple. We see ourselves as having the capacity to develop instructional material and to mananage learners and quality. We are working with a wide range of HR related material and with the SABPP as quality assurer. We will facilitate the professional registration of appropriately qualified and experienced trainers with the SABPP. We will empower them to facilitate and assess our workshops (within their field of expertise) We will manage the paperwork, quality and certfication etc. You buy into our workshops (small licence fee) and you order material from us for a very competitive price. Our workshops (not courses) are all based on “Situated Learning Theory” which is all about making learning more relevant, more occupational, more authentic and providing more choice in learning activities. Our material is really unique. our workshops aim at developing reasoning capacity not memorisation capacity. I have however not had the chance to pilot one of my workshops yet. I am sure that is only a matter of time.

  • Ashwell Glasson

    That sounds like a great initiative for emerging training providers David. Please can you provide me with more detail on how your business model works. Thank you very much.