Free online training provider evaluation for new and existing training providers

With the popular demand for accredited training provision across the varied sectors of South Africa, we thought we would extend a hand to individuals and organizations who wish to develop their training provider businesses further or perhaps start one up. This includes corporate companies wanting to establish their own accredited training departments or units in order to deliver accredited training to staff members and ultimately improve skills and performance of the business.With so much happening within the training environment right now, certain sectors ultimately will need further training and development, especially after the recent SETA realignment process. We would obviously like to assist anyone out there with our experience in the training provider development environment, having worked with many corporates, NGO’s, individuals and other bodies in both consulting and networking capacities.

I have put together a online evaluation tool to help you establish what the requirements are for developing your training provider business and if necessary becoming accredited with a sector education and training authority. There is no cost involved in completing the evaluation and we will provide you with direct feedback after we have analyzed the results. Any costs involved after that are only incurred if you need our actual training provider development or other ETD services, so please feel free to complete it. You can only gain from the knowledge that we will share with you and it may assist you with making the right decisions.


Click here if you would like to complete our online training provider evaluation


Otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me via email

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