Get off your backside and Do It!

Most of us have developed the habit of blaming others or circumstances for the way there lives have turned out. They say things like: “He should have watched where he was going” or “If only I didn’t have such a bad childhood.” But the truth is we cannot blame anybody for our circumstances except ourselves.

Nobody owes us anything; we cannot wait for others to change out circumstances. We must get UP and DO something about it.

“If it’s going to be it is up to me.” This should be a motto to live by.

The only way to change our circumstances is not to rely on others, but to take responsibility for our lives and do whatever it takes to change our circumstances. Don’t complain and point fingers at others. Take charge and do something positive. ALL THE TIME! We, Us, You make it happen.

And then have faith and believe it will happen.

To your success.

And Be Motivated Today!

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