Services Seta wins court case – bank account restored 4

By Jim Freeman

The Services Seta has won its second labour court case against the minister of higher education and training, Dr Blade Nzimande, and his department in less than a week.

This morning, judge David Gush, ruled that the minister had no reason to place the Seta under the administration of Dr Sihle Moon and have the contents of its bank accounts transferred to the National Skills Fund.

Read the full article about the Services Seta on the Skills Portal website

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4 thoughts on “Services Seta wins court case – bank account restored

  • Lisa Amanda Bradshaw

    It was always only about the money. Its that 1bn that was whisked out of that account so efficiently and effectively that worries me. Firstly I am worried that 1bn in an account means the SETA was not training enough to use the monies. Secondly I am concerned about who was going to get those monies when places by Nzimande in the new account with Mantashe waiting in the slip streams!!!

  • Brian Moores-Pitt

    There are styles of democracy and “party democracies” are surely the worst.  They effectively protect bungling idiots and other misfits from the reach of voter choice.   Sadly, the forthcoming elections can do little to change it.  Short of a “North African Solution” the circus is a permanent fixture.

  • Chris Reay

    If one adds up the number of questionable and blatantly bad actions by ANC Ministers over many years, one can only identfy a few who appeared to perform their roles with any maturity and competence. Only today the wife of the Minister of State Security was found guilty of drug dealing and sentenced to 13 years in jail. And he did not know what she was up to!!!! From Zuma, expectedly,  “no comment” ! The circus goes on.

  • Klaas Riemann

    We may well witness a most excellent enactment of “phyrric victory”, but I have got to believe the minister would be fired in every other democracy in the universe.