Nzimande will appeal Labour Court ruling in Services Seta case 3

The Higher Education and Training Ministry will appeal against the Labour Court ruling this week that declared their imposition of a new constitution and chairperson on the Services Setas to be unlawful.  In a statement the Ministry declared that, “there is no going back on the path we have undertaken to transform and strengthen the Seta system”.

In a statement released to the media the Higher Education and Training Ministry announced, “It is the intention of the DHET to appeal this judgment on, amongst others, the grounds that we do not think the judge fully applied her mind on the matter, including on the respective roles of the Setas and the responsibilities placed on the Executive Authority in this regard, in the context of the provisions of the Skills Development Act (SDA, of 1998) and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA, of 1999)”.

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3 thoughts on “Nzimande will appeal Labour Court ruling in Services Seta case

  • Brian Moores-Pitt

    Malcolm, as usual you have it.  And of course Blade will contest it in court – unless he has to pay for it himself!  As usual, a great political response from him – trying desperately to occupy the moral high ground.  Sadly, a large number of people are fooled all the time by this kind of rhetoric – a lesson that Blade and his cronies mastered long ago.   I doubt the other SETA CEO’s did in fact accept this thumb on their heads as he alleges.  Rather, most probably didn’t have the moral courage to risk losing their jobs by challenging it.   So, again, well done to IB.  My impression is that he has always had the fortitide to stand up for what he truly believe in.  Not the “narrow self-interest” he is accused of as that is surely reserved for Blade and his associates.  With archaic political doctrines like this in power, the incredibly destructive antagonism between business and government in SA is destined to continue to grow unabated.  What we would all give for just another 10 years of Mandela leadership??


  • Pieter Staal

    The battle lines are drawn.

    I think Mr Minister should be wary about what he is NOT saying – reading between the lines he is not saying anything good about the CEO…. maybe defamation???

  • Werner Rossouw

    Oh Please….what part of ‘Legislation’ and ‘unlawfull’ does Blade not understand? They wont stop until  they control every cent. Communism anyone?