Blumenthal laments ‘costly’ labour court victory 4


At the time when all around him were celebrating, Services Seta chief executive Ivor Blumenthal simply shook his head. “It’s a Pyrrhic victory,” he said sadly.

In the end, there was little to distinguish winner from loser. Yes, the idealist Blumenthal triumphed over the ideologue Nzimande but, truth be told, it’s probably a good thing for all around him that he has already resigned the position to which Judge Annelie Basson yesterday restored him.

Judge Basson ruled that “the minister does not have the power to impose unilaterally a new constitution on the Seta – his powers are limited to approving a constitution”.

In addition, she said, “not only is the minister not empowered to appoint members to the council of the Services Seta, he may not appoint people to the council with voting rights.” Basson added that the Skills Development Act “places a further restriction on the minister to only appoint persons to represent any interested professional body or any bargaining council with jurisdiction in the Seta”.

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