Serving the wrong outcome? 5


I am of the opinion that training moved from servicing the operation towards providing qualifications?  There is a real difference between the two – or not?


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5 thoughts on “Serving the wrong outcome?

  • Rina Muller Post author

    Des and Kie –I also recently recommended A Transformation Forum —  incorporating the Work Place Skills Plan, EE Plan and Social and Labour Plan with Mining Charter –if you do it this way, the people development role players are joined with organised labour.  The you ONLY  cater for the legislative requirements — now you need to align those strategies with the business outputs and remove the paradox. 

  • Des Squire

    Hi Sylvia

    When I train the various forums at companies I recommend the skills development forum are represented on the EE forum and vice versa. In addition isf the various forums are properly representative as set out in the act then there should be no problem. My concern is that so many companies still do not have EE and Skills Development Forums hence the failure in communication and the alignment of company needs to the needs of the SETAS etc.

  • Mpho Mpholo

    Hi Rina

    Your opinion is spot on. There is indeed a difference and the training is leaning towards providing qualifications while loosing sight of the real objective, which is to skill the trainees.

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Des,

    Good points – I had a discussion with an external SDF who apparently doesn’t communicate with the internal HR people.  I’m really not sure how that can happen.  But I have also spoken to legal advisors who prepare the Employment Equity documentation for some companies, but don’t know anything about what’s happening in skills development in the same companies. The questions for me are who in the company is responsible: for the “people strategy”, and secondly if the skills HR, skills development, and employment equity processes are disjointed? 

  • Des Squire

    Hi Rina
    To my way of thinking the two should go hand in hand. Unfortunately many of the SDF’s who are responsible for compiling WSP’s do so based on the SETA Dictates and have lost sight of the company needs. What surprises me even more is how little influence HR practitioners seem to be having on the way forward. So yes, in many respects you are quitte right.