6th Annual Labour Film Festival




2011 Labour Film Festivals kickoff on Wednesday 13 April – Soweto


Cosatu and Workers’ World Media Productions will this year host the 6th Annual Labour Film Festival nationwide, starting on Wednesday 13 April 2011 at 6pm  at the Ekhaya Centre in Diepkloof, Soweto (details in brochure enclosed). The opening night will include speeches by leaders from Cosatu and trade union federations from Tunisia and Egypt. This year the film festivals form part of the two organisations’ Mass Education Campaign that seeks to educate workers and poor communities on issues affecting them. This year’s festival will therefore focus on the pending takeover of MassMart, the owners of Game, Dion and Builder’s Warehouse, by the US company Wal-mart. Cosatu and its affiliated trade unions have opposed the buyout and several of the films focus on the experiences of workers and communities in North America. Walmart is the biggest company and employer in the US and reputed to be one of the most anti-union in the world.


This year the festival will be held in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban, at venues located in areas most accessible to working class people (see programme attached). Entry to the festival is free and those organisations and individuals who wish to attend should book their places by phoning, 011 336 1877 or 021 447 2727.


For more information contact:

  • Crystal Dicks at Cosatu on 011 339 4911 or 084 732 4643
  • Kgapa Mabusela from WWMP on 011 336 1877 or 079 718 0477
  • Martin Jansen on 021 447 2727 or 082 870 2025
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