The 3 Things That Get In The Way Of Your Dreams!

We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve in our lives.  For most of us mere mortals this is a difficult, on-going process.  We seem to get focused, take a few steps forward, a step back, or for some reason or other our plans seem to get de-railed completely.


Sometimes this is because of factors beyond our control but often our success or lack of it lies more with us than we realise.


Over the years, working with many different people, I have found that there are probably 3 common areas that hold us back.  I have also learned that as soon as you can “see” these behaviours as something that you do and “recognize” when you start to do them again – the easier it is to eliminate them or stop doing them.


Think of this as shining a bright light on your own personal “blind spots”.


So what are the 3 traits that I have identified?



Sometimes people can be so scared of making the wrong decision, that they make no decisions at all. 

One of the traits that all great entrepreneurs share is that they all make decisions and make them rapidly.  They learn to trust their instincts and GO FOR IT!  Does this mean they are always right?  Not at all, but they would rather make a decision and perhaps make a mistake, than just sit on the fence.  The thing you have to know is that any decision made can be changed.  In fact life or business is probably more a small series of on-going decisions than just one single life-changing one.


If you struggle to make decisions or if you perhaps get caught up in Analysis Paralysis then focus on “just moving forward”.  Stop thinking about everything too hard, and think instead – how can I move forward.  You don’t need to solve everything – just take 1 step in the right direction, follow it with another step, then another, then another.  You will be amazed at how far this simple technique can take you, and get you out of that paralyzing cycle of indecision.


Slow Speed.

I often teach my clients that 80% is good enough!  Rather just send that email, launch that programme or get that website up!  These days technology has sped everything up.  Launching a new product used to take months of planning.  These days with the power of the internet, social media and technology that can be brought down to a matter of weeks not months. 

The old saying “the early bird catches the worm” is now more applicable than ever – however it should probably read “the quickest bird catches the worm”.  Don’t worry about getting your web copy 100% – you can always alter and “tweak” it once the page is up.  Don’t agonise for weeks over your company logo and the exact shade of blue that you should be using.  Just have some cards printed, so you can start handing them out – you can always make changes on the next print run.  Think of speed as your friend, not your enemy.  Never before have we been in a position to launch a new product so quickly.  Instead of waiting months for money in our bank account – we can now influence our turnover today, this week, this month!  Make speed part of your life – always look for a way to do it quicker & see the results on your bottom line!



The third thing that holds us back from our dreams is:


Faith in Yourself.

This is probably the number one reason we don’t make decisions or take things slow and steady – lack of belief in yourself.  You have to believe in what you are doing and trust yourself before you can achieve.  Self-belief  is what will sustain you when the going gets tough, when the money just isn’t coming in like you initially thought it would.  Self –belief is the rock that great businesses are founded upon.  Think of it this way – if you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to grow a great business – no-one else will!


You can hire a Coach, and they will be able to support and encourage you to keep going, but ultimately belief comes from within.  Allow yourself to believe it is possible and watch what happens!


So – what are you going to do to make sure you achieve your dreams?


Do you need to make decisions?

Do you need to speed up and make things happen?

Do you just need to believe it can be done?


What do you think you could do today or this week that would make a difference in your business or your life?  Then JUST DO IT!

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