Setas licensed for another 5 years – with new independent Chairs 2

Minister Blade Nzimande promised that it wouldn’t be ‘business as usual’ at the Setas under his watch and he has kept his word. In a major shake-up of Seta governance the Minister of Higher Education and Training has announced the names of the independent chairpersons of the Seta boards.

In an official communication regarding Seta governance issues, the Higher Education and Training Department has highlighted a number of changes to the way Setas are governed.


Other changes promised by the Minister include the involvement of his office, and the national Cabinet, in the appointment of Seta CEOs.

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2 thoughts on “Setas licensed for another 5 years – with new independent Chairs

  • Alan Hammond Post author

    I think it proves your point Malcolm.  Independet of the Seta board and the industry as a whole I think.  Obviously not independet of the Minister who appointed them! Kevin I haven’t seen any criteria published.  The Minister must have had some criteria but he hasn’t shared them with anyone. Under the last Minister the National Skills Authority usually advised them on decisions like this.  It doesn’t seem to be Minister Nzimande’s style!