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Here is a very interesting interview with Charles Jennings (UK-based learning and development specialist) on the impact of social media, information overload and the rate of change for our learners. As well how learning and development has changed from where it was 10 years ago to where it is now currently. I thought it might be an interesting insight considering how content-driven allot of training is in South Africa and our core focus on compliance.




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4 thoughts on “Excellent interview on where learning and development is moving to

  • Ashwell Glasson Post author

    Great stuff Brian, I am just preparing for another class and will certainly review it later this afternoon, when I am finished. Keep it coming and I do suggest you post some of these interesting approaches and concepts as blog postings on Skills-Universe.  My best, Ashwell

  • Ashwell Glasson Post author

    Wonderful link Brian, your insight is key. I think there certainly hugely positive and immediate benefits to further focused use of IT and web-based technologies in learning delivery. One of the key objectives and focal points entrenched within the NSDS III strategy is the need to education and train into the rural areas, where access to training provision is a huge challenge. IT-based, elearning and mixed-media technology tools do need to be included in the delivery mix for accredited and non-accredited training. My fundamental opinion is that SMME and NGO-based training providers and the Public FET Colleges could certainly extend their learning impact and do more by utilising the IT-based methods and resources in their delivery and assessment models. Imagine conducting a portion of RPL processes online, it could transform how some forms of assessment takes place, or at least make it easier. Workplace logbooks and other evidence items could be consolidated and be tracked online, for real-time learning and assessment improvement. There are other obvious cost-benefit ratio’s as well. These include reducing the paper trail and wastage that occurs, thus ensuring the ETD sector reduces its environmental impact. We have been rolling out a variety of social media and web-based tools for our clients to improve learning impact and certainly the transfer of learning to the workplace, although it is early days. We are going to look at producing research outputs to share with the sector to help improve practice or at least create some dialogue on how we can better utilise technology to reach more learners in a meaningful way.It certainly is a discussion that we as members of the Skills-Universe need to keep talking about.  Thank you again for that link.

  • Brian Moores-Pitt

    Good morning Ashwell,
    Good link! Here is another one. Not that the concepts related to the APPROPRIATE use of IT technologies in E&T are new but one hopes that their time might at last be coming. We started recognising and exploring these possibilities over 15 years ago when the Internet and Cellular industries were still relatively new. Suffice to say movement within the E&T and ITC industries in this regard in SA has been painfully slow. Sadly, one still doesn’t see much coming from the Minister or the government that would indicate that this is both recognised and being seriously acted upon as a significant part of the solution to our E&T crisis across the board. Imagine if it was!