Training professionals want higher qualifications and degrees in education and training (Feedback from short survey last year)! 6

We conducted a short survey on what kind of qualifications training professionals would like to complete. 31 members of Skills-Universe completed the short survey and interestingly many members seem to be keen on completing qualifications above NQF level 6, either as national certificates or degrees as noted below.

Most training professionals believe that completing additional qualifications would be highly beneficial (15) and 8 thought it would have some immediate benefit.


Finally a large proportion of survey participants (21) highlighted that there preferred method of learning and assessment was Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).This was followed by distance learning (12) and part-time studies (10), which collectively show that there is a greater need for limited contact training and assessment for training and development professionals, utilising RPL, distance and part-time learning methodologies. We interpret this as less focus needs to be emphasised on the length of the contact training, but rather have short focused high impact contact training that emphasises quality rather than quantity.


Although a limited total sample (31) of participants, one could ask whether the findings above resonates with our own personal needs as training and development (TD) professionals. We recommend that training providers offering Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices (OD-ETDP) learning programmes and assessments consider the following:


  1. Develop and expand their programme scope to include NQF level 6 qualifications at the national certificate level, not just the NQF level 5 certificate and diploma.
  2. Offer a variety of learning and assessment methods that include RPL, part-time and distance learning programmes for training and development professionals.
  3. Target individuals who wish to be more competitive in their workplaces or for their clients. Offer them NQF level 6 qualifications that will increase their employability and performance prospects.

The survey has also demonstrated that the existing training and development professional labour market needs are shifting to higher levels of performance. This might indicate that the growing influx (entry) of training professionals that have single unit standard or skills programmes (OD-ETDP) has grown significantly and competitive pressure to have full qualifications is increasing. Pushing existing professionals to focus on their competitive strengths, one of which is a higher level OD-ETDP qualifications. The professional status of having a NQF level 6 and higher qualification in training and development is the likely route to improving ones prospects in the highly-dynamic education, training and development (ETD) labour market. In terms of training providers, one of the key selling features in marketing training programmes is to have better qualified trainers delivering them, at least better qualified in training and development (inclusive of the OD ETDP focus areas) such as facilitation, coaching and mentoring. Which are key growth areas according to the ETDP-SETA Sector Skills Plan along with the demand for assessors and moderators. Certain sectors are still experiencing shortages of assessors and moderators, such as the Insurance and Manufacturing sectors. Thus the need for skills programmes and single-unit standard training is prevalent, especially for new entrants to the ETD labour market.


We would like to thank all the participants who completed the short survey for all their inputs and insights. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inputs or requests. We will be publishing the results of our various surveys and research efforts as short white papers to assist the training providers in exploring new development options and learning opportunities to improve their competitiveness.If you would like to participate in future surveys as a sponsor or research participant, then please do contact me directly.


My best, Ashwell Glasson



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6 thoughts on “Training professionals want higher qualifications and degrees in education and training (Feedback from short survey last year)!

  • Ashwell Glasson Post author

    Thanks very much Renee, much appreciated. I will certainly send on the formal paper to Dr. John when I get back from Amsterdam. We will be working on other research initiatives for ETD practitioners and organizations as well. Thank you for your support and inputs Renee. Long-live ETD!

  • Renée Wentzel

    Hi Ashwel

    This is a great piece of research. You need to let Dr John have a copy of this. It will strengthen the NWU BTD qualification especially with their current delivery model.

    Well Done! You are contributing to the change required in South Africa. Keep it up!


  • Ashwell Glasson Post author

    Pleasure Sylvia, anything to encourage knowledge-sharing and innovation for emerging and existing training providers. I will certainly look at running further short surveys for the members of the Skills-Universe network. To encourage a deeper understanding and discussion of some of the trends, issues and most importantly opportunities for growth and development for the members and their organisations. I think I will be seeing Marius next week in Potchefstroom at a gala evening dinner and will touch-base with him. My best, Ashwell

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Ashwell,

    I agree with Des, thank you for such a positive contribution to our skills-universe.  I will also undertake to forward to the new CEO of the SABPP Marius Meyer.

  • Ashwell Glasson Post author

    Thanks very much Des, I appreciate the feedback and input. I am seeing the ETDP SETA next week and will pass it on to them then. My best, Ashwell

  • Des Squire

    Hi Ashwell

    Many thansk for the feedback and for taking the time to conduct the survey. I suggest you send a copy to the ETDP SETA.