Dear Beloved, Comrades and Friends

Some comments about the Ego – our Egos!:


Some of the Ego’s major strategies:


  1. 1.       Conflictour ego loves conflict, battles and wars, either outright or hidden, so will do everything it can to keep these going. We see this everywhere.
  2. 2.       Grievanceour ego cherishes the way it has been hurt, abused, attacked and victimised. The ego does not want to let go, forgive and join. We only have to look at the Middle East, Afghanistan, North Africa, the Balkans, etc. to see this going on today.
  3. 3.       Judgement and Condemnation – the ego loves to judge, to evaluate, to see things as good or bad or worse.
  4. 4.       Fear – the ego is based on fear; of differences, of each other, and ultimately of love. True love is the death of the ego.
  5. 5.       Guilt – although it does a pretty good job of hiding this and then projecting this guilt out onto others, the ego is built on guilt, it is founded on self-attack and self-condemnation, not self-love.
  6. 6.       Specialness – the deep ego belief that we are not good enough and causes us to try to make ourselves special in some way, but our desire to be special separates us from others, creating differences, not real love.


When we look at the world, isn’t this the most of what we see? Guilt, condemnation, fear, battles and grievance? Isn’t this what most of our news is about? Aren’t these things what seem to make our world function? It can take years of tears to melt the hardness that we develop in this world, in order, we believe, to survive. Spiritual growth is a detox process. Our weakest and darkest places cannot be denied; they are sucked to the surface in order to be known and be released. Our shadow parts need to be brought to the light. Underneath is still our kinder, tender and gentler, inner selves. We may need to shed many tears for every painful loss. Tears for every humiliation and failure. Tears for every repeated mistake. Tears for every time we were unaware.


Often when we experience the weakness in ourselves and in others, we are repelled and want to withdraw, either emotionally or by leaving the relationship. It takes courage to hang in. The answer may not be to change partners or friends, but to shift our understanding of the purpose of relationship and intimacy, from simply serving our own needs to serving a greater process of healing. Then we realise wounds are brought forth to be cured in order to serve love, not block the experience of love. Instead of negatively judging others, we become more compassionate and this is what heals us and the world.


So why bother? Because only through love can we experience the true fulfilment that lies within us. Only through love can we know our true creative potential. Only through love can we come alive and be the people we were born to be. And because love is the only thing that is real, on the Day of Judgment everything that isn’t love will be stripped away. Only through love can we experience the joy and peace within.


The power of love calls us to be ourselves fully, to

become all that we are, to grow beyond our fears and

smallness, and not to diminish ourselves. It is arrogant

to think we are small and powerless.


(From: Powerful Beyond Measure – An Inspiring Guide to Personal Freedom Nick Williams)



Enjoy and God bless!!


With Lots of Love!!!!

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