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Hi All! I am able to assess the Full qualifications – National Diploma:Fitness (21890) and the National Certificate:Fitness (23374) and all the unit standards contained within. If you wish to contact me, please email scott@infitness.co.za. Look forward to hearing from you!

Fitness Assessor

Hi All I have just extended by scope and I am now able to assess the Full Qualification 57428 (FETC: Youth Development), as well as the following Unit Standards: 120384 and 120372 in relation to Project Management coupled with my Moderation registration. God is Great and works marvelous deeds. ¬† […]

Youth Development

Project Management Facilitator, assessor¬†and/or moderator in the following Project management qualifications; – 50080 – Further Education and Training Certificate: project management NQF 4, – 50398 – National Certificate: Project support Services NQF 3 – 58309 – National Diploma: Project Management NQF 5 – 58395 – National Certificate: Project Management NQF […]

Project management Facilitator, assessor and moderator