Nothing Motivates You Like This

The Principle of Pro-active Living is the one principle that will motivate you the most when you want to change or improve something in your life. Whether it is your level of education, your relationship with your spouse or children, or your finances – this is the most powerful one I know of.

Here’s how it sounds when you say it backwards: When you do nothing, you get nothing.

This is one of the principles that has helped me the most. We all know the saying: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” When I realized that things would improve, only if I did something about them, I was motivated.

We cannot wait for others to work on our challenges. They won’t. Most people don’t care much about your problems or your success.

The person who cares the most – is you.

Realize that when you do something about it, you benefit. If you do nothing, you cannot expect anything to improve.

So often we complain that things are not working out for us, but we are not prepared to do anything about it. Being pro-active implies taking responsibility for our lives and improving a situation if we are not happy with it.

Are you frustrated?
Do something. Don’t let one more day go by without taking control and working towards a solution to your frustration. You can. You have the potential. You are not destined for frustration, but for success.

Get the information that will help you change your circumstances. Chat to a friend, go to the library or get onto the Internet. Do what you need to do. But find some solutions. Plan for the change you want. And start working on it. You will probably face obstacles. But don’t accept defeat. You can improve any situation. You have no limits!

The power of this principle, lies in the knowledge of it. Knowing that when you do nothing, you get nothing, is motivating. Knowing that your efforts produce positive results, inspires you to make the effort.

Whatever you have been putting off, start planning to get it done.

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