Time for Meta-Business 3

In a world and country where  chaos often rains, it is frequently believed that more skills, more education and more training is the only offering to appease the monster god called production. However, in a time where guru’s tell us that the are aligning, that world destruction is upon is, but that there is hope, if we change our attitudes, our views and beliefs. Books like The Secret and Matrix Re imprinting (too mention but a few)will have us believe that all we need to do is to imagine a different world and to become conscious of the deeds we perform, of the creation we impart. 

For South Africa, this implies that, before we could engage in meaningful skills development, we ought to address the issues of our values. We should interrogate our beliefs, our premise of the world. We ought to ask, how do we change the hearts and minds of South Africans to create a foundation on which skills development can rest. Perhaps a new mentality is needed to create the millions of jobs envisaged. And is that not what Zumanomics is all about. A new growth path, a new vision, a new mentality of prosperity.  

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3 thoughts on “Time for Meta-Business

  • Dr Wynand Goosen Post author

     A business has an inherent meaning  – a core set of values underpinning a common vision. People in the organization have opportunity to influence the vision and as such, create meaning in it, for themselves. Thus, employees become emotionally involved and take emotional ownership of the vision. This gives them a “reason” to do what they do. Effectively, this then leads to an increased motivation for doing it…

  • Dr Wynand Goosen Post author

    Tips for becoming a High Level Awareness Manager


    • Become aware of what happens around you. Try to learn what is about you and what not.
    • Listen effectively and don’t take issues personally. View it as if it is a script, a movie that you have to fix. Re-write the process if you like.
    • Become aware of the big picture. It is not about you. And that is great!
    • Develop empathy. Try to see it from all angles.
    • Make sure you always act, even if to act, means to do nothing.
    • See the interaction of things. Analyse the system. Find the flaws. Remove and restructure all the time.
    • Don’t blame and shame. Rather teach and learn. Test and improve, document change.