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We must all be sick and tired listening to these prophet of doom and gloom about job creation or Ministers that are going to run with the money etc etc!!!!!!!! Why can you for once look at firstly the effort made by The President to start the project of job creation which we have all been condeming him for the past years, as a step in the right direction. What are you doing in both your family life, social and professional life to assist our youth for a better future. We spend our entire life criticizing others about doing something when we ourselves, are under performing. For crying out loud lets applaud the Government for the initiative and join in to find ways and means to be part of this process so that we are not left behind. We need ENTREPRENEURS, we need LEADERS, we need BELIEVERS but definitely not moaners and cry babies. South Africa has great potential to develop itself to become a FIRST world country, how did China become a major role player in the world economy, How is it possible for an over populated country like INDIA becomes all of a sudden a major force in the economy? It is time for these so called professionals who is trying to find a stage to display their so called unique qualities, start performing like good citizen and DELIVER. We cannot blame Apartheid anymore, We cannot blame the Union anymore, we cannot blame the Government anymore, so what do we do! We create confusion and negative publicity to get recognition and in the process destroyed all that has been achieved. For once why can’t we Educators, Trainers, Directors and Stakeholders hold hands together and find ways within our community and association to start our own economic reform, job creation etc. If we are really SOUTH AFRICAN then let us donate our effort and time to the youth of today so that they can become world leaders of Tomorrow. Thank you

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  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Well done Rahman and Jacques – if everyone stopped wasting time criticising and stating what we can’t do, and focused instead on providing innovative solutions on how we CAN do it, we’d all be better off. 

    In the Global Competitiveness Report released recently SA business scored highly on innovation, so business can do it when it’s in their own interest.  We need business to demonstrate more innovation in job creation -in the national interest.  To relieve unemployment and reduce poverty – rather than rewarding international shareholders.

    Look at the numbers of under 35 youth who are unemployed in South Africa, living with no job and no hope.  Then look at who is demonstrating in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Algiers – it is the cohort of under 35 youth who are unemployed, living with no job and no hope.     

  • Rahman Murtuza Post author

    Hi Jacques,

    Thank for the mail and I am glad that there are people like you who is willing to challenge the norms and prove the critics wrong. I have quite a few stories to tell about creating employment in the Western Cape and I am proud to say that on my own last year my Institute created 382 permanent position for the youth. This year I have set my target at 1000 and I can again gladly say that I WILL achieve it!!!!!!!!!! It is time to deliver not to make excuses. Thanks