Second hand clothing collection to fight poverty and fihgt global warming.

Hi to everyone outhere,


I am a member of the SENIOR CITIZEN SUPPORT GROUP an Ngo created to help and support mainly the elderlies that are left whith the burden of growing up grandchildren that are left to their care after the passing away of their own children due to AIDS, CRIME, ACCIDENT or other AIlments.


Un-notice to most people these elderlies are counted by thousands just in the SBD (South Durban Basin) and most  if not all of them are reliant on their meagre pension pay out.


Part of any collection will be sold at cheap price to generate funding in order to subsidise the elderlies and the other part will be re-distributed for free.


Any help or donations are welcomed Ngo registration and Npo number availlable on request.

Thanks to all


Cell : 078 369 53 69

e-mail :



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