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For all our academic members and those interested in new media technologies and learning – a call for papers.  All the information is copied as I received it.  Please make contact directly with the publishers. Thank you. 


On The Horizon Special New Media Edition

On The Horizon announces a special issue, ‘New Media and Learning’. The journal seeks critical thought on how the application of new media technologies and tools will shape the future for learning in general and the universities in which in particular. For example:

  • How might the use of new media applications in learning evolve?
  • Will it be the tipping point for the transformation of the university?
  • Will we be able to move beyond today’s focus on campus as the most appropriate ‘space’ for learning?
  • What will academics and other professionals do in this future university?

New media covers a range of applications that merge traditional media such as print, television, film and images with digital technology to create interactive and dynamic publications, tools and uses. It is characterised by elements such as open access, user driven content, feedback and collaboration, and digital delivery. Examples include virtual worlds, collaborative workspaces, social media, open access journals, applications for smart phones, tablets, and e-readers. The value of new media is still being defined as we come to understand how these new tools and services can be used in our lives and work.
It is becoming clearer that the current economic and social/cultural framework for education cannot be sustained into the future, as the role of universities in society, and the perceptions of government about that role, continue to move further away from traditional constructs. Perhaps learning from P-to-gray will be profoundly disrupted.

This issue seeks to evoke thinking about the impact of “new media” within the societal framework in general and traditions long held about education in particular.

Papers are essay style with a maximum of 5000 words, including abstracts, key words, and references. Please see the general guidelines for authors on the journal site Papers are to be submitted to the editor electronically in MS Word compatible format.


1 page proposals due: March 15, 2011
Acceptances announced: April 1, 2011
Draft Papers due: May 1, 2011
Final Papers: June 1, 2011

Maree Conway, Issue Editor
Thinking Futures: email

Dr. Tom P. Abeles, Editor
On the Horizon

V3 15 Dec 10

Kind regards,

Jessica Davis
Assistant Publisher
Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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One thought on “Call for Papers – New Media and Learning

  • Brian Moores-Pitt

    Hi all involved here.  I am not too well up on this myself but a very informative read for those looking to contribute would be “Disrupting Class – How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns”  Co-Authors are Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson.  Prof Christensen is head of the Harvard Business School.  A web reference is There are also a couple of video’s on the MIT website. Perhaps some of their material should be included.