MABIMI : Company Profile

1.      Organizational Background


1.1    Introduction MABIMI


MABIMI was founded in 2005 by Mr. Hermanus Jacobus (Manus) Moll in response to the various informal poverty eradication projects he headed within poor and undeveloped Communities. Originally MABIMI was established with the vision to provide employment and skills through Furniture Manufacturing & Upholstery.


Under the leadership of Mr. Manus Moll MABIMI developed into a fully functional business with two core functions :


a)            MABIMI Furniture Manufacturing and Upholstering

b)           MABIMI (Consultancy Agency)


MABIMI was developed to make a sustainable and meaningful contribution to the Education and Training Development landscape in South Africa focusing on Skills Development and ETQA Accreditation support.


MABIMI is currently situated in Welkom (with various satellite offices with strategic partners / associates across South Africa and neighboring states). MABIMI offers currently various consulting solutions and services in Education and Training Development and other Management Consulting.


Bianca – Anne P Moll, the ETQA Specialist of MABIMI, is assisting Mr. Manus Moll to develop MABIMI into a leading Consulting Agency. She joined the team in 2006, thereby combining her passion for South Africa and skills development with service excellence. She has extensive Human Resource; Education and Training Development; Legal and Financial experience that are extended over a period of 17 years.


MABIMI’s core focus currently is on providing services regarding Education and Training within the context of Skills Development and other areas to make a difference and to assist to create a culture of life-long learning.


MABIMI aims to assist, with the creation of relevant skills in the country, by offering expert assistance and support to potential Service Providers with SETA Accreditation or any other Accreditation to other Quality Assurance Bodies. Emerging Service Providers that will provide NQF aligned Qualifications / Skills Programmes to Unit Standards. Assistance is provided to Service Providers within the Accreditation Process to ensure compliance to all requirements and criteria of the applicable ETQA. Ensuring that the Service Providers have a relevant, current and sufficient Quality Management Systems that provide a framework for the Provider to work in. Ensuring that ALL standards and requirements regarding training, facilitation, assessments, moderations as per the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and applicable specifications are met and monitored. A Quality Assurance framework is in place to ensure achievement of excellence.


MABIMI pride them in providing services of high quality, consistency and by remaining at all times within an ethical code of framework.  MABIMI conducts them in a proud, trustworthy manner where confidentiality plays a high part of their conduct towards their clients.


MABIMI strives to be recognized as a leading Consultancy that provides assistance and guidance in Skills Development and related training and other areas of expertise.


MABIMI have proudly offer effective and efficient consulting and project management services to various companies and therefore fully understands that successful partnership with clients depends on delivering beyond expectations and timorously.

1.2     Vision  

MABIMI strives to enhance, uplift and develop the skills of the people in South Africa, through providing support, guidance and consulting services.


1.3     Mission


MABIMI strives to provide high qualify consulting services within Education and Training coupled with liberal education principles for whom that education and training offers the opportunity to lift their lives and empower them with knowledge, skills and a stronger sense of value, ethics and civic engagement.


1.4     Client Commitment

MABIMI is committed in providing our clients with a level of service beyond expectations, offering innovative, cost-effective assistance that will set us apart in the Consulting Industry.


MABIMI intends to build long-lasting relationships with the Service Providers and within the Community through honesty, integrity and respect.


MABIMI guarantees a quality product/service, on time and through a commitment to client satisfaction, achieved with first-rate consultants and with total dedication to all our work.

Client satisfaction is MABIMI’s priority.  MABIMI assures client satisfaction through:


  • A full understanding of the client’s needs – MABIMI are able to interpret requirements, execute assignment tasks, and deliver quality services to the client, through a wealth of experience and expertise, MABIMI experts anticipate and avoid costly assignment obstacles before they arise.
  • Personal Service – As a micro enterprise, MABIMI Consultants are able to devote attention to every assignment, guaranteeing the quality and timeliness of deliverance. Furthermore, by personally interacting with our clients and all role-players, our Consultants ensure MABIMI flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness to the client’s needs and concerns.
  • A commitment to each assignment – MABIMI provides complete dedication to each assignment, no matter how big or small. This includes supplying appropriate Consultants and time to each assignment, close attention to set timeframes, frequent communication and feedback to the clients and all relevant process role-players, and a strict adherence to internal Quality Assurance, Quality Commitment procedures.


1.5     Principles / Values


1)        MABIMI strongly believes and uphold the Batho Pele Principles :

  • Regularly consult with all role-players
  • Set Standards
  • Increase access to education & training by all
  • Ensure high levels of courtesy, innovation
  • Provide more & better information about our services
  • Increase openness & transparency regarding all services delivered and our processes and to provide it at a high level of excellence
  • Remedy faults & mistakes through continuously updating our processes, our services and keep up to date with relevant information and technology
  • Provide the best possible value for money


2)        Maintain complete Integrity in all our actions and strive to enhance respect and loyalty with all role-players.


3)       Through various partnerships do community development and upliftment by providing opportunities to those in need.


1.6     Corporate Social Responsibility


MABIMI recognizes that our social and ethical conduct has an impact on our reputation. We therefore take our corporate social responsibilities seriously and are committed to advancing our policies and systems through MABIMI to ensure we address and monitor all aspects of corporate social responsibility that are relevant to our business.


As a Consultancy that delivers services within Education and Training / Skills Development we have a role to play in the social and economic regeneration in the communities in which we operate and serve – to provide high quality services in Education and Training.


a)            Ethics


MABIMI expects that all of its business is conducted in compliance with high ethical standards of business practice. We apply these standards to all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Summarized Code of Ethics :


  • All Consultants / Employees / Associates have the right and responsibility to ensure that MABIMI business is conducted with high ethical and legal principles;
  • All business is to operate within applicable legislature in South Africa, Moral and Ethical Codes;
  • Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated;
  • No bribes shall be given or received;
  • Conflicts of interest must be avoided;
  • We aim to be a responsible partner within our local communities;
  • We encourage and support the reporting, in confidence; any suspected wrongdoings (“whistle blowing”) within the Education and Training landscape.  


b)           Consultants / Employees / Associates   


MABIMI is its Consultants / Employees / Associates. Therefore we aim to find, keep and engage the highest caliber of employees / consultants / Associates and encourage their contribution and development. We foster innovation and collaboration, which is critical to our success.


c)         Health and Safety


MABIMI believes in the upholding of high standards regarding Health and Safety matters.


d)        Environmental


MABIMI believes in good environmental practice and aims to go more “green”.




MABIMI recognizes the significance of the communities and through our various social development initiatives and outreaches we strive to be a responsible partner in the upliftment in the communities in which we operate, but particularly rural and poor communities.


In line with our mission and vision statements MABIMI intends to employ, create and enter into joint ventures and partnership with individuals, community based entities and organized groups to execute various upliftment initiatives. We aim to strengthen communities through Education and Training, Charitable donations (through providing assistance and support) and to generally support Non-Profitable Organizations (and/or other Section 21 Companies) in various communities with the same vision and values as MABIMI.


As part of MABIMI experience, clients are encouraged to consider their social responsibility through linking them with these Section 21 Companies.


2.       Services


MABIMI provides a full range of expert assistance in various disciplines for assignments involving Education and Training / Skills Development and General Management Consulting Services.




MABIMI provides high quality and cost effective assistance in obtaining accreditation within Education and Training / Skills Development through development and compilation of the Accreditation Portfolio of Evidence through –


  • Quality Management Design, Development and Implementation
  • Accreditation Online Applications to relevant ETQA’s or Hardcopy Applications to relevant ETQA’s
  • Assistance with the necessary Quality Assurance within the Training Provider such as attending to Internal Facilitators / Assessors / Moderators (Registration with relevant SETA or QA Body) & assistance in getting External Assessors / Moderators if need be
  • Assistance in getting the Training Facilities to meet all ETQA requirements
  • Coordinate and Facilitate the site visit of the relevant ETQA
  • Manage the whole Accreditation Process




MABIMI design and develop Quality Management Systems that is relevant, current and addressing all QA / SETA ETQA criteria and requirements of SAQA.


All Quality Management Systems is developed with the aim of addressing the needs of the Provider as well as supplying the Provider with a framework to ensure quality within all processes and procedures and compliance.


MABIMI’s Quality Management Systems addresses the following key elements through various Policies; Standard Operating Procedure: Generic Guides; Templates & Flowcharts : – 

  • Quality Management System Manual, Audit and Review Management
  • Financial, Administrative & Physical Resources Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Relation Management
  • Development, Delivery and Evaluate Learning Programmes Management
  • Internal Quality Assurance Management
  • Learner Management
  • Implementation of the Quality Management System and mentoring

MABIMI will align, review and update existing Quality Management System to adhere to ETQA criteria and SAQA requirements in a cost effective manner for Providers.


MABIMI provides strengthening/mentoring programmes for the implementation of a Quality Management System and maintaining the relevant Quality Assurance within the Provider. 




MABIMI provides Learning Material Development services to Providers through a team of Associates that is highly experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise with proven track records. These design and development teams have benchmarked these products against the best practices within Learning material Development.


  • NQF Aligned Unit Standards Learning Material (Generic or specially developed)
  • NQF Aligned Qualifications Learning Material (Generic or specially developed)
  • Alignment of current Learning Material to Unit Standards / Qualifications

All Learning Material packs will consist out of the following : –


  • Learner Guide
  • Facilitator Guide with Memorandum
  • Alignment documents
  • Assessment and Moderation Guides
  • Portfolio of Evidence workbook and Guide





MABIMI provides the following services to Providers in a professional, cost effective and time effective manner : –  


  • Extension of Scope Application to core SETA ETQA or another SETA / ETQA for “Secondary Accreditation” / Programme Approval
  • Education & Training / Skills Development Administration
  • External Skills Development Facilitators work and assistance with grant applications and Workplace Skills Plans (WSP’s) and Annual Training Reports.
  • Registration of Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators with relevant SETA’s
  • Quality Assurance through Assessments / Moderations
  • Capacity Building regarding Education & Training / Skills Development
  • Overall Quality Management and Quality Assurance Management
  • Mentoring Programmes
  • Learner Management Database Design & Development





MABIMI provides the following services amongst others: –  


  • Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Business / Operational Plan Development
  • Project Management
  • Marketing and Advertising Solutions
  • Brand Development
  • Assistance in the formation of new legal entities and compilation of necessary Constitution in terms of NPO’s / NGO’S / CBO’s & Section 21 Companies.



3.       Company Details 


MABIMI operates currently from Welkom, but through strategic partnerships is able to deliver on any project nationally.


Company Legal Name                                         ROWCO 95

Company Trading Name                                     MABIMI

Registration Number                                          2005/021438/23

Contact Number                                                 079 262 4870

Telephone Number                                             021 782 7938

Fax Number                                                       086 571 2819

 E-Mail                                                     /



4.         Conclusion  


The Founding member, Consultants, Associates of MABIMI are well endowed to understand what expectations are needed and required. They have the necessary skills, experience, expertise, drive, cutting edge and commitment to implement all the necessary requirements intent to the requests of the clients and to even succeed their expectations.


MABIMI is about meeting the unique needs of each of our clients’ business and shaping our clients to be leading Businesses / Service Providers within South Africa.


So whether you are looking for Seta Accreditation support, support regarding Education and Training Development or any other management consulting services within our scope, MABIMI will help you to find the correct solution at affordable, reasonable prices that are negotiated with clients’ according to Needs Analysis and Assessments within an ethical framework.


Thank-you for the opportunity to present the Company Profile to your Company / Institution / Department and we hope that our relationship will be ongoing, sustained through mutual beneficiary.




MABIMI are professionals with a proven track record within Education and Training and operate independently, objectively without bringing disrespect to other Service providers within the Industry.


MABIMI have built a reputation of excellence within the Industry and are known for their best-practice approach.

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