Well done to all project leader that attended the Rims Management Conference on 14 and 15 Jan 2011. Mokoya Lodge was the ideal setting to get away from it all and to refocus our energy for the year ahead. Using an in-house developed new tool for Strategic Managers, the group engaged in a Role-based, Process Re-egineering (RPR) activity that took them to a new level of insight.  RPR consists of a journey that starts with the definition of the problem base in an organization. The activity is focussed on identifying those processes and systems that don’t function optimally. These are listed and parked in a format that indicates if the problem is resource based, capacity, skills or systems flawed. In addition the problem is also analyzed as extrinsic or intrinsic. Once the problems base is defined, the roles of management are reviewed. Management tasks are identified and analyzed in relation to corporate objectives. This process is followed by assigning the problem base to the same roles and designing solutions within the roles of management. 


Once the role definitions are re-engineered the implementation is driven by Kaizen type performance reviews. This enables the continuous revision of activities in light of objectives. The RIMS project leaders felt that this process enabled them to see the road ahead more clearly. The team was very positive and left the conference on a high note. Eager to change the face of our country.  

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