LEARNERSHIP/QUALIFICATION BENEFITS THE SIYATHEMBANA WAY…..at 2010 price and -30% special if you enrol before 28th January 2011


The costs involved in studying fulltime or even part time and then only enter the world of work after completion has become out of reach and a nightmare instead of a dream for many South Africans.


We at Siyathembana, after offering learner ships/qualifications for companies to employed 18.1 and unemployed 18.2 learners for the past four years have had great success in the way forward by really harnessing the concept, “Learn while you Earn”. The advantages of this study method is that you can put bread on the table while enhancing your knowledge and earning a qualification, you apply the new knowledge immediately to the advantage of your employers (ROI) and the biggest advantage of all, you are gaining experience while learning and being in the world of work.


We will be offering courses in FET Certificate: Business Administration Services L4 (QID 61595 linked to LP 35928), FET Certificate: Sport Administration (QID 67697 linked to LP 58009 and National Certificate: Business Administration L3 (QID 67465 linked to LP 23655) in Cape Town. The three courses are aimed at all administration staff in any company and administration staff at sports departments of schools, colleges, universities and public sport entities.


We have had a few requests from companies with two or three staff members and we have taken a decision to join the groups and open applications to all businesses interested. The orientation/registration and induction will take place during the first week in February and classes will take place two days a month for 1 year starting in March.


Please e-mail lorinda@siyathembana.com for more detailed information. A friendly word of advice, only 20 learners will be registered for this rollout, the last at 2010 prices. All other qualifications, and course rollouts for 2011 will soon be available on our website www.siyathembana.com at the new increased prices.





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