Ring fencing

Well another year has finally dawned upon us.I pray that 2011 be a better year for providers and practioners like us.My biggest element of fear is around the “Prefered Provider Scenario” where a so called provider is on a road show,trying to muscle away business from Stakeholders.The question is when is the Minister and SETAS going to breakdown this gate keeping problem which is so rife within certain sectors.There are genuine providers out there that are really servicing their sectors,and delivering excellence in their scope of work.The national results is a token of their good work.Yet the worst provider in this paricular sector,with the poorest results,is trying to ring fence ,this sector and “Milk the Stakeholders”of all their money,by providing sub-standard tuitions.I believe that this will continue unless,someone in authority clamps down on this Ring Fencing approach. One should not be subjected to harshness of other manupulative providers.Please share your thoughts on this! 

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