THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS wishes all its clients Happy Holidays and extends special thanks for your support during 2010 and, indeed, the past decade. We look forward to building our special relationships with all our clients and associates during 2011.

THSBS experienced an active and fulfilling year during which it grew new relationships, welcomed new staff and introduced an exciting range of new products, services and relationships.

THSBS operates as an accredited BEE Training Provider and offers a range of qualifications, skills programmes and short courses to businesses, Schools, FET Colleges, Government Departments, Sport Federations, Sport Clubs and to individuals.

The FIFA World Cup was a 2010 highlight and THSBS was pleased to be involved in the training of Volunteers. We had also been involved in the training of the 2009 Confederation Cup volunteers. Our thanks go to the National Department of Tourism, the FIFA Local Organizing Committee, THETA and TBCSA for their massive support of the World Cup and the training of the Volunteers.

THSBS and Lisa Bradshaw established the Welcome Wozani PR and Marketing business(view at http://welcomewozani) and launched various initiatives around the FIFA World Cup including special newspaper supplements; events and Promotional items.

THSBS became a proud supporter of the global campaign for Education, 1 Goal !!!!

THSBS’s commitment to service excellence and Customer Service Training received huge accolades and our Facilitators were pleased to be certificated by the Disney Institute and, also, to be energetically involved in the training of the SA Host Customer Service Training Programme.

THSBS’s new Wozani Warrior series of Training Programmes in Leadership, Team Building and Service Excellence were well received. The Wozani Warrior brand has quickly become a popular and preferred Training series.

THSBS in association with ACE Human Capital established the BEE ETDP SETA accredited IGEBE Learning Academy, which specializes in qualifications and skills programmes in Education, Training and Skills Development. IGEBE’s Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator training workshops attracted huge interest from FET Colleges and businesses. Igebe Learning Academy operates as the KZN Branch of Mentornet (Pty) Ltd.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS NETWORK (BSN), the HR and Labour Law Faculty of THSBS continued to grow its client base and successfully managed a wide variety of HR Projects and labour disputes.

THSBS’s Sport Faculty, the Academy of Sport DNA established an association with THEKWINI SPORTS ACADEMY and through this association has links with the UK’s Socious Sports, India’s Sports Gurukul and America’s ACE Personal Trainer businesses.
Thekwini Sports Academy and Socious Sports will be holding an International Sport Coaching Festival during June 2011, during which overseas Sport Coaches, shadowed by South African Coaches, will provide international coaching to sport enthusiasts from Schools and Clubs.

THSBS’s publishing business, EaziStudy Publishers, was excited to congratulate one of its authors, Glenda Jager, on winning a coveted award for “best published” book. Her children’s book, “Danger on Devil’s Peak”, has been well received and is a must for all Christmas stockings this year.

THSBS looks forward to a fun and exciting start to the new decade. We will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do in the interests of our customers and staff.

Remember to call upon the THSBS Team for any of your Training and Skills Development needs.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful Holiday Season and a prosperous 2011.

Happy Holidays !!!

From the THSBS Team

Email: info@tourismtraining.co.za
Tel: 071 0493 221 or 076 5800 271
Fax: 0866 1733 66

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