Google believes in online growth in Africa

Google poses to push development in the african continent, as it has over the past few years. The webinar group, teamed with engineers and entrepreneurs give a great overview and understanding as to implementing google concepts into africa. Evidently, mobile is here, and was repeated throughout the different presentations. Google maps API’s now enable a more “user enhanced” as well as editable features, allowing us to customise the maps to suit our specific needs. Developers were especially keen on the MYMAPS application, which allows us to create custom maps.

Google analytics, an ever changing platform and tool used to monitor webspaces has proven to be extremely successful in building online campaigns. Google ititerates as to how this excellent tool, can make positive changes to your webpage, but on the same note give you valuable information needed to overcome loopholes.

“People dont wait more than 10 seconds to load a pages”, “many do not visit/click through more than 4pages”: These statements open a new era of how we market or brand our particular page, I particularly took heed as to which pages they labeled as ‘good/bad’, which at times did not focus on design at all but more the functionality thereof. So in otherwords, these days pages are built to sustain the end user, and are built for practicality? Keep in mind that your analytics monitors events on your page, so the constant chop and change could prove a little cumbersome for most. Terms such as ‘flash’ is now replaced with ‘AJAX’, landing pages can now vary and segment depending on your particular target market.

The now broad spectrum mobile interface has opened new doors for most developers and strategists. SA, with a mobile population of 35million active users, has proved an inexpensive method of browsing online. 16% of local mobile users own smartphones (Android, Windows mobile, iPhone, Blackberry), with either qwerty styled keyboards or touch screens. So Google now predicts smartphones to skyrocket over the next few years, more smartphones, more internet users, equals more mobile apps and pages. Experts at the event stressed how important it is to stretch your current online platform to make it more marketable on a mobile.

Apart from a sales or promotion pitch, the 3rd party applications or developer API’s have become much more appealing to managing online portfolios. Installing such applications, for example integrating gmail, Google calender or a 3rd party app (invoicing or POS system) can completely revolutionise the way you manage your business or organisation.

So summarising managing your online portfolio using Google to optimise:

  • Being innovative with media tools
  • Use your Google analytic to monitor statistics
  • Streamline your webspace to enhance a mobile experience
  • Structure your adsense campaign gauged on your conversion rates posed by analytics or Website Optimizer
  • Search for diversity on your page, be keen on catering for all markets and not impose “design”
  • Install 3rd party or Google apps to manage your business online
  • Use video as a an effect, yet free form of marketing

Adeeb Franciscus

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