R22million withdrawn from Project Literacy – Letter to Clients,Donors & Friends

This letter sent by Project Literacry to clients, donors and friends may be of interest to skills-universe members – quoted in full below.

11 November 2010
Dear Project Literacy customers, donors and friends

You will be reading some coverage regarding our impasse with the National Skills Fund which, after a delay of one and a half years, awarded us a contract in excess of twenty two million Rand only to withdraw it three weeks later. This has placed enormous pressure on our cash flow and meant that as a Board of Directors we have had to act with speed to ensure the ongoing viability of Project Literacy.

We have begun a retrenchment programme and down sizing exercise in order to ensure that our expenses match our income. Our commitment is to meet the needs of existing clients and to regrow the organization. We have played an important role in rolling out large government programmes and will be able and willing to play this role again once Government has settled into its new National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS3) for the 2011 financial year.

Project Literacy has been in the business of serving adult learners for the past 38 years and we have no intention of stopping our professional service due to a temporary hiccough. We have straddled the change from apartheid to a democratic government, moved from donor funding to self-sufficiency and kept abreast of changes throughout our existence. This ability to change, adapt and re-invent ourselves is part of our personality and our success story. We are glad that you are part of this story and will play a pivotal role in our restructuring.

We remain a national non profit provider of quality adult basic education for South Africans. We have a commitment to high standards, honesty and cost effective solutions to learning challenges. We are determined to play a role in offering learning opportunities to young South Africans who use FET colleges and other tertiary institutions to create jobs and economic opportunities for themselves and others. We own an unequalled organizational intellectual history which we guard jealously. Together with our Board of highly respected South Africans we will forge through this difficult period and emerge stronger at the end in a different more economically viable form.

I would be happy to meet with you should you require an individual meeting to discuss your concerns and suggestions.

With best wishes
Yours sincerely.


PS:Besides keeping professional clients happy and serviced we are determined to keep our wholly donor funded programme RUN HOME TO READ alive and growing. This vital programme prepares pre- school children and their care givers for the world of school, books and learning.” It is key to our belief, our philosophy, our past and our future!

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