Pakistan Flood Relief Days 34-71 Part 2

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

The village where the major breach at Manchar Lake took place is Nangar Khan Barohi. Here 300 families were assisted. The teams then moved on to Bhan Saeedabad, which is between Sehwan and Nangar Khan Barohi, and here also delivered 300 food parcels. Then it was onward to Dadu, where another 300 families were the fortunate recipients.

In the meantime our teams from Islamabad were also active in this period; 75000 additional water purification tablets were handed over to the military for distribution in inaccesible flood areas; more generators were given to the navy; and a laptop and stationery was given to a school teacher who volunteered free services to teach English in Jacobabad.

Finally, in terms of Rehabilitation; cement and corrugated sheeting has been supplied for the construction of the first 20 homes in Swat in partnership with the army. Once we are satisfied with the results of these prototype homes several hundred more will follow.

We thank all donors for their generous and ongoing support. Food Distribution continues with emphasis on Housing now. Feedback on further developments will be forthcoming as the projects unfold.

A special thanks to Fareed Ayaaz Qawwal (Spiritual Praise Singers versed in the lofty Islamic tradition of Sufism), an internationally sought after Group that performed amongst other events, at the Greek Olympic Games in 2004 and the Indian Commonwealth Games in 2010, for their contribution to Gift of the Givers Pakistan Campaign. This is a Pakistani group, brought to South Africa on a tour by the Sablay family, who offered their services FREE on condition ALL proceeds from their recitals are for Gift of the Givers Housing Project for their fellow countrymen in Pakistan. Performers of this calibre charge between 60 000 USD and 70 000 USD for a tour. In this case it was pro bono for which we are extremely thankful. The last two performances of this mind blowing tour take place in Durban on 19 November and Johannesburg on 20 November. For details and ticket purchases call Gift of the Givers toll free on 0800 786 777 or Allauddin Sayed on 0836677179.

Imtiaz Sooliman

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