Pakistan Flood Relief Days 38 – 71 Part 1

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

Working in Sehwan City, the epicentre of the flood, it was absolutely clear to our teams that increasing the pace and the geographical area of FOOD DISTRIBUTION was the major challenge facing everyone.

Over the next 34 days this proved to be really complicated: with the national highway washed away, the link road between Sehwan and Dadu destroyed, with suppliers running out of supplies and Karachi shutting down ever so often with targeted killings (at one point 78 people killed in 3 days), this task was certainly extremely challenging. But our youthful team was up to the task. Emergency food supplies were delivered to 400 families in Jamshoro and Pataro; these were followed by deliveries to 500 families in Sehwan, another 500 families in Khair Pur Natin Shah and then the most amazing of all; a village which is located on the zero point, ie. the place where Manchar Lake had the maximum breach. To get here was quite an adventure; first travel on land, then transfer everything onto boats, then again onto trucks and finally one more time onto boats; this was indeed a real test but the cherry on the top was hearing from the recipients that we were the first team to reach them as has been the case in so many of our missions.

Imtiaz Sooliman

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