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The purpose of this Blog is not to comment on the statements of either Zwelinzima Vavi and Kenny Kunene. But to support Zingiswa Losi for identifying a serious problem. What role models are young women being given? Are they being drawn into positions of “trophies” – attracted by the perceived […]

Attitutde to women in Africa

PAKISTAN FLOOD RELIEF DAY 37 NEELUM’S REPORT UNEDITEDGreetings of Peace Dear Recipients “After a long and exhausting yet very successful distribution in Sehwan the team reached Karachi in the early hours on Monday. At 11am GOTG had planned a distribution at Razakabad ATF training center school where children from the […]

Pakistan Flood Relief Day 37

I have in the past stated that supervisors, managers and/or leaders should be CAPABLE, willing to accept and deal effectively with AUTHORITY, accept the RESPONSIBILITY that goes with the position and acknowledge there will be ACCOUNTABILITY. Over the past few months in particular I have been exposed in various companies […]

Managers must start managing again