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We are urgently looking for training material for the following qualifications: 1. Diplomacy 2. Mission Administration 3. Mission Corporate Services Management If you could be off assistance please send me an email on

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Dear members, Skills shortage is a common concern in most of african countries. Politicians are neglecting this problem. Yet social progress depend on the way the system generate competent employees and inventive labourers in different areas and sectors. As John Maynard Keynes said : growth and wealth are a matter […]

skill shortage in S.A.

Failed: SA’s R8bn education planThree-year training programmes were meant to give young adults a new future. Instead, most of them have dropped outNov 7, 2010 8:46 AM | By PREGA GOVENDER ——————————————————————————– Government has spent more than R8-billion on a new curriculum for school leavers – but only 1194 of […]

Failed: SA’s R8bn education plan

My view is that in order to address this serious skills shortage, we have to begin to distinguish between skilled and semi- skilled workers. The ideal is to have skilled workers only but i think our situation ( poverty and unemployment) warrents economically active citezens. The economic and industry sectors […]

SA skills shortages