Pakistan Flood Relief Day 34-37 Part 4

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

“After completion of day 1 at Ar-Razi, day 2 (26th September 2010) started with distribution at Bakhtiyar Pur. Bakhtiyar Pur is further ahead of Ar-Razi, which is around 2 hours journey through boat. Bakhtiyar Pur once was connected to Sehwan through Indus Highway and now it looks like an Island. Wherever you look there is only water. The only mode of transportation is the few small boats. There is no clean water and people are forced to use the flood water for drinking and cooking.

At Bakhtiyar Pur the locals were organized and list was prepared with the help of Syed Jandal Shah (A respectible figure amoung the villagers) who accompanied us from Sehwan Sharif. We first distributed amoung 50 Widows, some of the widows could not come to the distribution area so the female members of our team distributed the goods at their door step. We distributed floor mats, water coolers and food goods along with water purification sachets to around 250 families. After completing the distribution at Bakhtiyar Pur once again, the boats were re-loaded, and we went further to a village called Sainch. Total families at Sainch were around 56. By the time we finished distribution at Sainch it was getting dark however we had to go back to Ar-Razi, as we had promised earlier. People at Ar-Razi were overjoyed to see us again.

By the time we left Ar-Razi, it was dark. Our boat had no lights, however the amazing thing was that the local people who were controlling the boat knew the way back without any lights. We asked him “How do you know the way back” and he replied that “He uses the tress submerged in the water, like stars to help them show the way. Around 12 midnight we left for Karach. Half way through at Jamshoro we received a call from MR. Rehmatullah and he invited the whole GOTG team for dinner at Hyderabad. He was very thankful to GOTG team for reaching out and distributing to those areas where no other NGO has reached. The GOTG team is very thankful to the local administration at Sehwan for their help and hospitality. The team reached Karachi at 6:00 Am in the morning.”

Imtiaz Sooliman

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