National Stakeholder Council on Electricity

National Stakeholder Council on Electricity

The meeting of the National Stakeholder Advisory Council on Electricity convened by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe today, 15 October 2010considered progress reports on a range of issues including.

· Integrated Resource Plan.

· Medium Term Risk Mitigation Plan

· Demand Side Management

· Cushioning the poor against high tariff increases

On the Integrated Resource Plan the Council agreed to extend the public consultation period in consultation with Nedlac.

It was agreed that the Medium Term Risk Mitigation Plan be developed to cover the period from now until 2016, when it is expected that the grid will be under severe pressure.

The Council also considered initiatives relating to demand side management including solar water heaters, demand market participation and the provision of incentives to support these initiatives.

In addition the Council noted progress on increasing supply through non Eskom generation. The Council emphasized the need for consumers to continue using electricity efficiently. In this regard the need for a consumer awareness and education campaign was confirmed.

The Council re- affirmed the need to cushion the poor against high tariff increases. The Council noted the work that was being done at Nedlac in this regard, and will consider a report at the next meeting.

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