Systems Training need not be boring

Systems training can be boring – sometimes resulting in a mere, “click in this field and enter this” but it needn’t be. Converting systems training into an online / eLearning platform changes all of this as adding audio, video, games, simulations, animations and so much more brings your presentation to life!

Although online training may be used as a stand-alone, self-paced learning intervention, it can also be used as a great training aid in the classroom. Delegates take to this “new” method of training extremely well as the trainer moves to pure facilitator in the classroom.
One of the downsides of pure classroom (platform) training is that no two courses are ever the same – the trainer tends to put more into one group than another (this is normally learner dependent) and sometimes vital pieces of information are not conveyed to the learners. With online training, all learners are assured the same content on each and every course.
Imagine systems training where learners break into groups, design process flows, play games etc.
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