Pakistan Flood Relief Report Day 29 – 33 Gift of the Givers

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

The international footballers depart Pakistan; it was a most memorable and life altering experience. The hospitality in the midst of the anguish and suffering; the patience, humility and modesty in the face of all odds; the hunger and desperation, and oh! the children. This was something they were never going to forget. Pakistan is in dire straits and this is the message they taking home.

It was time to visit the National Disaster Management Agency in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat in Islamabad. This building is a hive of security and off limits. The visit is co-ordinated by the Pakistan ISI (Intelligence Services). A full briefing with video footage, wall charts and expert opinion as to what happened since the first rains of July 22 are fully explored. We leave, contented, the soul satisfied, the Almighty Praised; we have almost at ALL times been the first respondents to the victims of the disaster in the areas we carefully mapped out. Full co-operation, once again is promised, as it has been since the first day of our arrival in Pakistan in ALL sectors, civil, corporate, government and military.

Brigadier Muneer, GOTG representative in Islamabad, gives us the good news that in this period he has handed out the first 33 generators to the army and navy to be utilised in far flung areas where infrastructure is now non existent. Medicines are also handed out to the Surgeon General’s office in the same period. A few days previously, Jawad Khan, GOTG’s other representative in Islamabad, handed over 75 000 water purification sachets to the army, to purify 750 000L of water. Total value of these handovers exceeds 100 000 USD.

ATV calls for an interview in Islamabad; an 8min programme is hastily put together. South African contribution is highlighted yet again as GOTG has received national and international coverage on 15 TV stations and 50 print media in Pakistan (articles on our website). South African contribution is valued and appreciated.

An urgent call comes from the International Lawyer’s Forum in Karachi to be in attendance at their office on Thursday, 23 September 2010, to receive an award for outstanding services to the Pakistani people as a foreign ngo. The credit must undoubtedly go to our donors, supporters, well wishers and GOTG’s Pakistani youth team that carried the SA flag.

It was indeed a memorable week, but the most challenging was yet to come 48 hours later.

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman
Chairman and Founder

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