Happy Birthday message from President Jacob Zumu to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

On behalf of the people of South Africa, we wish Archbishop Tutu a very happy 79th birthday.

As a nation we are proud to have such a dedicated and fearless champion for freedom, equality and human rights. South Africa has become a democracy it is now because of the contribution of its outstanding patriots such as Archbishop Tutu.

Through his participation in the struggle for liberation, Archbishop Tutu affirmed justice and equality as one of the most abiding roles of Christianity.

His participation in anti-apartheid activities, his commanding presence among the people during the most volatile times of the 1980s and his enthusiastic participation in the reconstruction of the new South Africa through among others the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is an illustrious legacy which we all treasure.

With his passion and caring for humanity, he made an indelible mark both locally and internationally, and this is a true measure of statesmanship.

We wish Archbishop Tutu a very fulfilling retirement period, and as well as a blissful and healthy life.

Enquiries: Zizi Kodwa on 082 330 4910.

Issued by The Presidency

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