Be Aware !!! Take Care !!!

The ETDP SETA has strict requirements for accreditation to ensure quality assurance compliance and to restrict fraudulent and/or improper business practices.

Regretably, many clients are not fully au fait with the SETA landscape to fully understand and appreciate the requirements for legitimate Assessor and Moderator Training.

Driven by money creating opportunities, some Providers represent to be what they are not !!! Have you experienced this unethical and unprofessional practice???

Here is an example: a Provider (Ms. A) “passes” (misrepresents) itself to be an accredited ETDP Provider which offers credit-bearing Assessor and Moderator training. It “trades” on the reputation and good name it has developed from a previous association with a reputable Training Provider but now operates in an independent capacity using the clients of its previous Provider. The client is unaware of this and contracts with this new Provider (Ms. A) who has little knowledge of SETA’s.

Ms. A is NOT an ETDP SETA accredited Provider but sub-contracts someone who is. A Lead and Secondary Provider relationship is established. The client is not properly aware of this because all it wants is for the Learner delegates to be certificated by the ETDP SETA.

The sub-contracted and accredited Provider is not aware of all the details regarding the Training Contract between Ms. A and the client.

Provider, Ms. A, in ignorance, believes that all you need is an Assessor and a Moderator to ensure that the sub-contracted (ETDP accredited) Provider can arrange for ETDP certification.

HOWEVER, the Assessor MUST BE registered with the ETDP SETA, as must the Moderator.

FURTHERMORE, the Assessor MUST BE registered with the ETDP SETA under the name of the accredited (sub-contracted) Provider. It is NOT legitimate to use an Assessor registered with another SETA under the name of another Provider !!!

An Assessor must satisfy various requirements before he/she can be registered with the ETDP SETA. These include, been a qualified Assessor and being a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

Therefore, a person who has been found competent in the Assessor Unit Standards and is deemed a subject matter expert in, for example, Sport and is registered with THETA, cannot legitimately assess Learner delegates who are enrolled for an Assessor training programme. This Sport Assessor must be registered with the ETDP SETA as an Assessor with the subject matter expertise required to assess individuals on an Assessor training programme.

The Client, without having first confirmed that its appointed Provider IS accredited with ETDP SETA and IS registered with the ETDP to assess the training programmes for Assessors and Moderators, may be prejudiced. So, too, may the Learner delegates who may be refused certification and registration on the NLRD because of the improper practices of Provider Ms. A.

So, BE AWARE and TAKE CARE !!!! There are all sorts of legal implications arising from the above example, both criminal and civil – misrepresentation; unjust enrichment; fraud; defamation and personal damages.

It is time to build integrity and honesty into business practice !!!! TAKE ACTION AND EXPOSE THOSE WHO ARE NOT COMPLIANT !!!

Adv. Don Leffler
IGEBE Learning Academy operating as a Branch of Mentornet (Pty) Limited
The School of Business (THSBS)

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