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PAKISTAN FLOOD RELIEF DAY 28 PART ONEGreetings of Peace Dear Recipients Day 28 – Saturday, 18 September 2010 – 12:10am. We arrive in Hyderabad City, three hours drive from Baajera. The security of our international guests is paramount. We had to find safe, appropriate and secure accomodation even if it […]

Pakistan Flood Relief Day 28 Part 1

Be Aware !!! Take Care !!! The ETDP SETA has strict requirements for accreditation to ensure quality assurance compliance and to restrict fraudulent and/or improper business practices. Regretably, many clients are not fully au fait with the SETA landscape to fully understand and appreciate the requirements for legitimate Assessor and […]


In a previous article on this blog, I mentioned that to avoid torn and tatty flip charts, it is a great idea to laminate them. Typically, I use flip charts for: Ground Rules Expectations Parking Lot Objectives A fellow trainer who has taken my advice and laminated their flip charts, […]

Flip Charts