Pakistan Flood Relief Day 15-20 Karachi

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After our last trip to Badin, once again we were on our way back to Badin. This time around they were no trucks because the goods were stored in Badin. We left Karachi at 6:00 am and reached Badin at 10:00 am.

We decided to split our team in two groups so that we can efficiently distribute at more places. One team took goods for 100 families to a place identified by a local NGO where no help had reached till then. The team went to a coastal area called “ Sirani”, 2 hours drive from Badin (almost 20 km away from the Indian border). The people were scattered along the costal belt.

Meanwhile the other team met with the Deputy district officer-Revenue of Tando Bhago, Mr. Asif Jan Siddiqui. It’s a 30 km drive from Gulharchi towards Ahmed Rajo. Mr. Siddiqui showed us places where IDP’s haven’t received any relief aid till then. People were sitting under open sky with the temperature rising up to 38C. People have used their clothes and tied them to sticks to provide shade for their families. We saw lots of people living in a poultry farm shed. When we went inside to meet the women we were shocked that they were living in such a place where the smell was unbearable but they were still thankful to Allah that they had a roof on their heads.

Then the team travelled further on Thatta- Sajawal road to Laghari Drain which is a dessert area. People were sitting in small pockets without water, food and shelter. The last place where the team distributed aid relief was 30 km away from the Indian Border. People were living in really bad condition but were patient. They made beds for little ones from bushes and sticks and covered it by a piece of cloth as the desert gets really hot during day time and cold at night besides there always a danger of insect bites. Most people were barefoot and had to walk miles to get water in the hot sand. Women were preparing food by mixing chili powder and water only. They were so happy to see all the food and other things that GOTG provided them. We also distributed clothes and candies to children other then floor mats, linen, towels, pots, spoons, buckets, eating utensils, baby milk and grocery items.

The distribution went very smoothly to the following places:

– Bai Colony, Golarchi

– Chak No.1 , Tando Bago

– Various places on Gulharchi – Ahmed Rajo road.

– People sitting along the Thatta –Sajawal road up till Laghari Drain.

The Team distributed goods to a total of 550 families. We left Badin around 10’o’clock for Karachi. On our way back one of the cars had an accident on the flood affected road, capsized twice and then landed in the ditch filled with flood water. We had to swim our way out with help of the local people and our team members. We got emergency relief at “Matli” and then had a medical examination at CMH (Combined Military Hospital) Hyderabad. By the grace of Allah no body suffered from major injuries. We reached Karachi at 4 in the morning.

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