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Fortunately in South Africa, legislation such as the South African Qualifications Authority Act (SAQA) Act, Skills Development- and the Skills Development Levies Act has had a positive impact on the way organisations view training. Training budgets are growing and additional training and development programmes are being implemented as part of […]

The Importance of Assessing the ROI for training

Minister of Higher Education and Training – Outputs and outcomes One of the issues under discussion at the Skills Summit are the Ministry of Higher Education and Training outcomes and outputs. These fall under Cabinet’s outcome 5 entitled – A skilled and cabable workforce to support an inclusive growth path. […]

Skills Summit information

The question i want to raise is , should we sacrifice/compromise on the quality of learning even though the organisation is an NGO. Because it seems top managers seems to tighten the budget and give a mediocre training to individuals other than giving a budget to ensure that training is […]

Quality of Learning VS The Budget