Miracles do Happen at Services SETA 2

After almost a year I have finally been re-registered as an assessor and moderator with Services Seta. Unfortunately it took many rude and finally threatening letters before i got some action. I now have a very good contact and a very willing listener. There is at least one person who cares at this particular SETA.

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I specialise in Employment Equity and Skills Development issues. Qualified facilitator, assessor, moderator, verifier and SDF. Available for any related assignments and or freelance work. If ou have a need let's meet to discuss. Quotes for training on request.

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2 thoughts on “Miracles do Happen at Services SETA

  • Des Squire Post author

    Hi Sylvia
    I made the suggestion to the woman concerned and she actually agreed. When i pointed out it might not be fare as she would be innundated with queries she agreed not to be named. I can assist in exceptional circumstances. If anyone has a major problem over 4 months old then let me hve an e-mail address via this site and I will forward to the person concerned for her consideration.

    In the meantime just copy all corrspondence to Services SETA to the following people – KgomotsoK@serviceseta.org.za; samanthao@serviceseta.org.za; PromiseM@serviceseta.org.za; PaulD@serviceseta.org.za

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    My first thought was – we should name & praise; and then I had second thoughts – the individual will become a victim of “performance punishment” – also know as: doing a good job gets you more work .
    What do members think?