How to go about registering for a learnership

A learnership is a learning programme which combine both classroom-based learning at a training centre or college (a theoretical component) and on-the-job training in a workplace (practical training).

Learnerships are not limited to ‘trades’ and are available at different levels for different occupations.

Learnerships are not geared only towards the youth.

Anybody between the ages of 16 and 60 can enter into a learnership, whether they are a new entrant to the job market or an existing employee.

Competency-based learning that allows the learner to move at their own pace.

Assessments through various stages of the learnership to ensure that a learner is able to perform tasks for which they have learned, as opposed to a single assessment at the end of the learning.

If successful in your completion of the programme you will be awarded a nationally recognised occupational qualification.

A learnership is a three party agreement, signed by the employer, training provider and the learner, registered with the Seta.

Therefore for you to participate in a learnership, an employer must be willing and able to provide the learnership.

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