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My most rewarding days are those spent up-skilling the most Vulnerable in our country – they are like sponges they absorb everything – This is Bliss to know at the end of a day you have made a difference.


COSATU and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are jointly hosting a seminar on strengthening prevention and response to Xenophobia through lessons learned from the recent past as well as recommendations from studies conducted by Wits University on the subject. The seminar will be held as follows: Date: […]

Cosatu UNHCR Seminar on Xenophobia

Prisoners will this week give back to the community by refurbishing a dilapidated creche and hosting a musical festival among other events as part of the Corrections Week Campaign. The campaign aims to promote awareness and understanding of the South African correctional system. Activities will be taking place at various […]

Prisoners and community work