Pakistan Relief: Day Five – Gift of the Givers

Issued by Gift of the Givers 27 August 2010

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

Day 5 An exhausted but enthusiastic team is energetically at work after only 3 hours of sleep. Today is the day of honouring a promise made to the flood affectees at Razakabad; those very same docile people who not only didn’t stretch their hand out for food, but in some cases flatly refused, insisting the neighbour was more needy. The women had asked for baby milk, hygiene packs, pots and certain food items to cook independently.

And so at 3pm on Thursday, 26 August 2010, eight trucks heavily laden with R400 000 of “Life Enhancing” items rolled into the camp. Even though the local police commander brought in 60 extra personnel to prevent an anticipated stampede, as expected, nobody moved, not even an inch. This was the Quite Dignity of Razakabad that endeared our hearts. Mattresses, linen, towels, pots, spoons, buckets, eating utensils, new clothing, baby milk and grocery items were rolled out.

In absolute awe and patience they sat, dumbstruck that something like this could be done for a poverty stricken community like them, and as the team did personal deliveries tent to tent, oh the eyes and the face, the expression said it all once again.

The South African flag was flying high jointly with the Pakistani, symbolising a common unity. The police commanders and personnel, camp commanders, television networks and locals saluted; no one had ever done anything in such a dignified manner with such a massive package per family anywhere in any of the flood ravaged areas of Pakistan. The heart and soul satisfied, the inner being contented, it was time to take leave of my youthful Pakistani team and head back to South Africa.

Phase 1 of the relief operation was highly successfully implemented.

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman
Chairman and Founder

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