Day 3-4 Part One: Islamabad

Issued by Gift of the Givers 26 August 2010
Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

Day 3-4 More has to be done rapidly, intelligently and efficiently. Hunger and Thirst are everywhere; rampant Infectious Disease will be joining them very soon. It’s time for further planning, logistics and procurement.

First stop, Air Force Headquarters in Islamabad; meet Base Commander Shoaib Khan; thank him for 250 Food Packs and utensils delivered within 12 hours of receipt and arrange for speedy delivery of tons of supplies to follow.
Second stop, Naval Headquarters; meet naval chiefs and handover 200 similar food packs and utensils. Trucks departing Thursday to reach people 150km away in the flood plain who till now have received NOTHING. Navy needs 2000 packs to service 2000 families; with ours they have 700. We give our word, more aid to follow. Naval medical teams will accompany convoy.

In the evening meet Surgeon General of the Pakistani army, General Muhammad Rehan Burney, and his team tasked with the management of the medical emergency in flood ravaged areas. He has 250 doctors and 300 nurses in the field with many more on standby. They dont need medical teams; their greatest need, oral rehydration therapy, life saving antibiotics and a modest list of other relevant medication. We respond by purchasing 50 000 USD of medication from a Pakistani pharmaceutical company that supplies WHO and UNICEF. They are so touched by the efforts of South Africans toward fellow Pakistani countrymen, that they reciprocate by giving us up to 70% free stock on most items as added value. This is for “their blessing”.

Brigadier Munir Saeed, representing Gift of the Givers in Islamabad, hands over 50 food packs and utensils to the army and finalises arrangements for delivery of further supplies. The army requests generators as the entire electricity infrastructure has been destroyed. We procure the first 50 at a cost of R400 000 for the various areas. In Islamabad our logistics have been finalised with the army, navy, airforce and medical corps to reach flood affectees, and with the manufacturers to provide on going, essential, quality supplies at megical prices. Every rand has to be stretched.

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman
Chairman and Founder

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