R10 million for Pakistan Flood Relief

Issued on 18 August 2010 by Gift of the Givers

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

Following the Pakistani Prime Minister’s appeal, over the weekend of 7 August 2010, for international assistance, Gift of the Givers has responded swiftly. Networks that were in place both with civilians and the Pakistani military during our response to the Pakistani Earthquake of October 2005 were reactivated. As a result, the first of 5000 specially prepared “Food Packs” have been procured and delivered to our team. These “food packs” consists of cooking utensils, bottled water and food items generally consumed by the Pakistani population; these will feed a family of five for fifteen days. The United Nations is procuring these exact items from our supplier. From this evening, these supplies will be delivered in rotation to the army, navy and air force, as each of these components are responsible for distribution to areas which are totally impassable by road and cover an area of 160 000 sq. km. Excellent co-ordination exists between these three elements to prevent duplication.

As per request of the Pakistani military medical personnel we are dispatching one million water purification sachets, that will purify 10 million litres of infected water. South Africa makes one of the best water purification products in the world that is used by the SANDF, the US Armed Forces and UNICEF, amongst others. Accompanying these water purification sachets on a commercial flight tomorrow is a consignment of Ready To Eat High Energy and Protein Supplement, also requested by the Pakistani military. This product is a Gift of the Givers innovation, is highly effective and has been successfully utilised in most of our disaster response projects since its innovation on 16 April 2004. It is ideal in these circumstances as it does not require water to mix (water is infected now), does not require heating, cooking or refrigeration; it is energy and nutrient dense, is very filling and can be eaten directly from the bottle. It is also very effective in malnourished states and can be dropped from helicopters to people below as a viable, efficient, alternative food supply in the absence of any other food item.

Requests have also been received for medical supplies to treat cholera, typhoid and malaria, which is soon going to be a major problem. Procurement is taking place in Pakistan and these items will be delivered to the relevant authorities tomorrow. In the Sindh region, our teams are feeding refugees in the Shah Bandher area and several thousand new pieces of clothing have been ordered for men, women and children who have lost everything.

On Saturday, 21 August 2010, I depart for Pakistan to oversee and manage all these activities; to consider the option of bringing in South African medical teams and trauma counsellors; and to assess what more practical things could be done to alleviate the suffering of 20 million people in probably one of the greatest floods of all time.

We thank the public for the generous cash contributions pouring in. Those wanting to be a part of this relief response can make contributions into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, A/C No. 052278611, Branch code 057525. Please email your deposit slip or fax to 033 394 3780 with your personal details for us to acknowledge your contribution.
Gift of the Givers has set aside R10 million as an initial response for the Pakistani Flood Relief; a substantial portion having already been spent on the activities listed thus far. More details on
or call 0800 786 777 toll free.

Imtiaz Sooliman
083 236 4029

PS. During the last 10 days the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Haiti has taken delivery of 17 of the 27 containers of aid valued at R8 million, for the people of Haiti, dispatched by Gift of the Givers. The balance will be cleared within the next week.

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