Something special for the women 2


The world is full of beauty, often left unseen

Yet beauty brings us all such joy

So why not stop and wonder why

God gave us beauty all around

Beauty is a part of love,

Woman is a being to love

Love – forever – beautiful

So love your life and love your wife

Woman unto man was given

And during life you may have striven

To seek and find the one to love

The one to love, the one to bind

Bind in wedlock when you find her

Take her, keep her, love, don’t blind her

The love and beauty you will share

Will lead to joy beyond compare

Most men in life with woman find

Happiness beyond compare

With some not so, and off they go

To seek another gem out there

Gems are hard to find in life

So when you find one keep it safe

Treasure, love and hold real tight

The woman in your life like gold

© Des Squire 2009

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