Report uncovers wasteful expenditure at the CCMA

Senior management at the CCMA have been criticised in a report released by the Auditor General into allegations of mismanagement at the concililation body.

The report finds many occasions where contracts and tenders were awarded by the CCMA without following National Treasury Regulations or practice notes.

The report also found that the CCMA did not deduct PAYE from the remuneration received by part time commissioners from 2003 to 2006. This lead to the CCMA being charged for over R5 million in interest and penalites of over R1 million. However as the CCMA had voluntarily brought the issue to SARS attention these amounts were waived. The CCMA was only required to pay the original R11 million for PAYE not deducted.

The Auditor General has advised the CCMA to continue their attempts to recover this amount from the part time commissioners concerned.

The full report is available below.


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