Renew your licence online

The City of Cape Town has launched a new website that allows for online vehicle licence renewal, which could mean the end of having stand in long queues.

The City of Cape Town site also features a list of motor vehicle registration and licensing offices, if you do need to pay them a call in person, along with a section entitled Frequently Asked Questions.

“The site aims to reduce the number of telephone inquiries and the queues in the city’s offices,” said Trevor Blake, the city’s director of revenue.

To renew a licence, the individual or business must complete an online form on the website to confirm their details and to obtain the city’s banking details and a deposit reference number.

Once they have this, they can transfer funds from their banking website.

People who do not want to wait for the city’s banking details, which usually takes two working days to be sent, can contact the city’s call centre at 0860 103 089.

The licence disc will be posted within five working days.

Blake said the city had piloted the site and “got very good feedback”.

For those who prefer the old fashioned approach, postal payments or physical payments at any city motor vehicle registration and licensing office are still possible.

Blake said the city had more big plans.

“This is the first stage. We are also looking at an e-citizen’s portal, where citizens can transact online,” Blake explained.

This would allow people to manage their municipal accounts, enter meter readings and log complaints.

The new vehicle registration site can be accessed at

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