Daily Archives: 29th Jul 2010

The City of Cape Town has launched a new website that allows for online vehicle licence renewal, which could mean the end of having stand in long queues. The City of Cape Town site also features a list of motor vehicle registration and licensing offices, if you do need to […]

Renew your licence online

We as members of civil society can never allow xenephobia to continue to threaten the lives of members of society irrespective of religion, culture, nationality nor any other diverse factors that allow the gangsters, criminals who continue to terrorise, kill and maim innocent law abiding people. To just be a […]


If any of us want to really serve humanity and that include our family, friends, neighbours and community as a whole, we need to show and practise exceptional values and qualities that are really inborn in our heart. It is therefore a practise that our team culture is a winner. […]